World's largest public survey on which site seals consumers trust

Wait a minute, the world’s largest public survey? But only 24,409 people were surveyed. Most of which were through Comodo’s social media. In my opinion it’s far from accurate and a completely biased survey.

the key here is public. its open to everyone including our competitors. its like election, everyone rallies their voters. Its not one of these paid ones where you can buy it after its completed.

the most fair way to do it is like election, make it public and let everyone vote. If your voters are not coming to vote for you, then it speaks volumes about your following and you should not be elected :wink:

But overall, i agree with you that its difficult to create a perfectly non biased survey as it all depends on which samples you choose etc. Not easy…if anyone has a better way, i am all ears and willing to try…