World Statistics. Interesting but at the same time also horrifying.

Thanks. Interesting statistics.

When will India have the largest population? 88)

To be honest I don’t think this very accurate. Thanks for sharing any way.

“Interesting but at the same time also horrifying”.

+1… Thanks for the link 88) :-TU

You are all welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi JoWa,
Expected sometime before the year 2030.

Thanks Captain. :slight_smile:

It’s getting crowded in India. And look at the forecast for Nigeria! :o

??? thats not OK 88) thats bad :-\

Undernourished people in the world

Overweight people in the world

Obese people in the world

People who died of hunger today

It’s the sad truth… Unfortunately in our society today the money come first and ppl second…

Yep this is the sad reality :embarassed:

Yes some of statistics are quite devastating, with no foreseeable resolution. :frowning:

Bumping and adding (professor Hans Rosling).

Watch this video: Don’t Panic – The Facts About Population | Gapminder

I prefer as general source.

They have added statistics for Covid-19: COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer

We believe in statistics and diseases, but we don’t even try to be fair and honest, we exchange lives for dollar signs …
We forget to live life and little follow the rules of the CREATOR