world profit scam,CB BBB listing blocked, GB not logged or connecting

i came across this site claiming to be BBB certed but they arent listed and comodo is blocking the listing… “world profit” the ceo seemed to not be anything the bbb would even consider… I’m trying to contact GB right now (aprox 11am-12pm est) to check over things… while watching one of the videos, my network lagged other pc’s doing stuff unrelated, so there may be things comodo missed, and i can’t get cause i can’t see them. i’ve gotten andrew afk 3 times now, and it didnt seem to be functioning right… the logs didnt pickup on the connection.

I think i remember crossing these same people a few years ago, and it turned out that there was never such a thing as a canadian better business ?burro?

which would be a good reason for comodo to block it xD now why are they still scamming people??