World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has always been working great together with Comodo Personal firewall, both v2 and v3. But today, suddenly the firewall went nuts. It started blocking all attempts to log into World of Warcraft as well as the forums… Even though I have both firefox and wow set as trusted applications and set them to allow all incoming and outcoming communication… What the … is going on? A complete reinstall of comodo doesnt work. I even tried downgrading to 2.4…

And another thing I hate is that the event log never shows what program is denied access, only the ip adress…

is so angry right now

nevermind that. Obviously they are having difficulties. But still, why does cpf block the connection attempts? Blizzard must really have some serious issues to deal with right now if it makes firewalls go haywire as well.

Your I.P/network address must have changed.

My event viewer shows applications?