World of Warcraft vs Comodo my fix

After installing Comodo my World of Warcraft wouldn’t work and I was sat there thinking its got to be Comodo with that I did a search through the Internet and on their forum it says put D+ and the firewall into training mode disabling the sandbox. That done put Comodo into game mode so I could play with out pop ups fired up World of Warcraft to find it locks my PC, scratching my head now. I reboot my PC and put everything back on as it comes out the factory and tries again still no luck.

Brainwave time, goes to the Defence + tab - Computer Security Policy and then scrolled down to find anything to do with World of Warcraft found the launcher.exe and Wow.exe so here goes nothing changed the launcher to installer/uninstaller and then wow.exe to trusted file. Now not sure this will work I change World of Warcraft into windowed mode and game mode off with Comodo this still causes an alert a buffer overflow, with that I tick the box to skip all the time and pressed skip. Hey Presto it works.

In summary Before installing Comodo (or disabling defense+ and firewall) I’d change your screen settings to windowed. Then install Comodo and go into Computer Security Policy add Wow.exe by browsing along with Launcher.exe, change launcher.exe to updater and installer and wow.exe to trusted file. Then to be on the safe side go into Firewall and define the two executable as trusted applications. With all that done bring up World of Warcraft see if you get the buffer overflow message tick to skip and then you should be sorted to go back to full screen and not have anymore problems with Comodo and World of Warcraft.