World Of Warcraft Private servers. WOW

Hey guys, Who here plays on priv servers? I played on for about 8 months, however I was not quite happy with the service. Lately, I have been playing on a new server that I’m extreeeemeeely pleased about.
They have a 12x rate server and a 3x rate server (I play on 3x)

It’s a new server and the population is increasing (The 3x server has been up for 3 days and already 240 online), Owned and maintained by some very talented people, including 3 devs.
It has great uptime…

If you have any questions then post here or PM me :slight_smile: Be happy to play with you.


It is absolutely illegal.

Why don’t you play paid services with several thousand people?

Hello Creasy here is a good article;

Why don’t I pay? Because I can’t commit the time and money involved in subscribing monthly. In scape, there were several thousands of people - it wasn’t unusual to see 3k online. Magic-wow will grow and approach those high numbers too. I am invovled with a guild and I’m making nice new friends - enjoying talking on ventilo.

That’s not true.
That’s only his private stupid opinion.
He follows wrong law interpretation.
In the real world, Blizzard and copyright law regard it’s illegal activities.
Some of private server owners have been arrested recently.
Also there are lots of private server owners are still being arrested by police all over the world.
(those servers were not for making money; not even WOW)
It doesn’t matter whether to make money or not to make money.
There are only differences for intensity of penalty.

Hey Creasy. Since when was hosting a private server for your mates to play “counter strike” together illegal?
I’m sorry, but as long as you bought the original game and the servers hosts do not steal money from blizzard then there is nothing to bag them for.

I’m sorry Creasy but you have nothing to back your comments up with. Blizzard will be well aware of high populated servers (I’m talking many thousands) How ever they can’t “Bag them”. other wise they would have several years ago.

If morally you don’t agree, then thats okay - some people do and do not care.

This thread is to attract some more friends to play with me ^^

The server I am advertising does not break the law. Some probably do, But not the one I’m showing.

You might want to take a look at The WoW EULA Kyle:

Additional License Limitations. The license granted to you in Section 1 is subject to the limitations set forth in Sections 1 and 2 (collectively, the "License Limitations"). Any use of the Game in violation of the License Limitations will be regarded as an infringement of Blizzard's copyrights in and to the Game. You agree that you will not, under any circumstances: . . . F. host, provide or develop matchmaking services for the Game or intercept, emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Blizzard in any way, for any purpose, including without limitation unauthorized play over the internet, network play, or as part of content aggregation networks;

G. facilitate, create or maintain any unauthorized connection to the Game or the Service, including without limitation (a) any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates, or attempts to emulate, the Service; and (b) any connection using programs or tools not expressly approved by Blizzard; or


I would say that emulating a blizzard server would be that, It iss pretty dang close to retail play.
Not a a server that has custom gears\items and rates. - It’s not even on the same patch.
People often modify games and then post the content online to play with each other.

Btw, Thanks Quill however I’v had quite abit of experience in this area, I realize it’s a touchy subject - however magic-wow is not operating Illegally.
I would not endorse anything illegally on these forums as I know the community would frown upon this sort of thing happening within a security forum.

Here is an example of a legal Private server;
Thousands of people play on this server, Surely if blizzard could, they would have shut it down.

P.s. Don’t join scape, Join magic-wow :smiley:

Here’s a couple of posts from Blizzard staff on the WoW forums:

But you can always go here:

And sign the petition asking Blizzard not to shut down private servers :a0 :-X

Just want to make it clear… Magic is not emulating retail wow, It has custom content and hosted on a “Free server”. donations are accepted to cover maintenance costs, Not as a fee.

Blizzard would shutdown popular priv servers is they could, but they won’t\can’t Doesn’t that say something?

This is beccoming very much offtopic. Just wanted to play with friends =\ perhaps the off topic posts could be moved?

I am playing on private. Also i play on ! So? is a private! come and arrest me!! rofl you simply can’t!

Rbt, Let’s not behave like that please =\ not a good image and also not needed :frowning:

I’m locking this because it’s creating too much negatiive attention that I did not want, Only wanted to share with other players a server that I enjoy.

Very sorry to say this, but I am a anti-WoW guy. And I would rather see you people get killed by Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers than become eventual suicidal madman. >.> I am sorry for my outburst. In my high school, theres a psycho dancing like a freakish demon who plays WoW -_-. I have tried WoW and ps (private server) and got really bored of it…

I locked this topic, Don’t appreciate it being unocked with out it being requested >:(