World of Warcraft gets terminated


I’ve got 2 problems with the CIS. First is that I play World of Warcraft but I have been received this message:


Why CIS recognises this application as buffer overflow attack? I can of course skip this message and make CIS “remember” the answer but the fact itself is quite worrying …

The second problem. I also play second version of World of Warcraft PTR. This is even worse. The application is terminated without asking me for the acceptance. Now What I tried to do already was to put this application in Trusted Files in Defense+ Group but I cannot. when I find the application in C: drive and add to safe files it say the application is already in safe group. well. It’s not because i cannot find it there :confused:

Any help on that please? thanks

EDIT: The second application is recognised as “Shellcode Injection”.

Hi ZikO,

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Hi Meidan,

The second application cannot be add into trusted files. How can I do so? Please, can you provide me with some advices.

Many thanks.


I really don’t understand why I cannot put this file into safe files it says:
But I cannot find it there.

To get rid off the Shellcode injection alert add Wow.exe to the exceptions of buffer overflow warnings. Next time you see this alert choose Skip and let CIS remember the answer.

Only do this when you know your computer is free of malware. A buffer overflow is a situation that could be used as a way in by malware.

Moving this to D+\Sandox help board.

Thank you for that suggestion. I had a problem that CIS was automatically ternminating this application without giving me opportunity to agree or not. But I managed to put it in exclusion group and now It is run properly.