World of Warcraft Background Downloader is Uploading

I play World of Warcraft Online. Yeah, I know, it’s a kids game. So? I’m used to seeing the background downloader, as it downloads new patches to the game. Lately, I’ve noticed that most or all of the 10 to 20 connections have my IP address as the source, and the destination IP’s are all different. Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but it looks to me like info is being uploaded from my computer instead of downloading to my computer. Maybe thats a normal part of an updater like that and I’m being paranoid for nothing. Can someone tell me if that sounds normal or should I be contacting Blizzard and asking them whats happening? Any help would be appreciated.

As far as i know, the Blizzard-Updater is using BitTorrent.

The Blizzard downloader has the option to utilize person-to-person file sharing to help speed up downloads by spreading out bandwidth usage from the Blizzard Update servers, which can get extremely clogged on update days with the large number of people updating at once. You can turn this option off and download strictly from Blizzard only, which will also prevent any data from being uploaded from your computer and sent to anyone else’s.