Worked Fine Then...

I installed the Firewall 3 days ago, to block my torrent program from using anything but my VPN connection. Set it up to only allow uTorrent to connect to and accept traffic from the IP range of my VPN and it worked great. connection from VPN goes down torrents stop.

Then today, I see that torrent is moving traffic even when my VPN has lost connect, I check settings and everything is the same.

So i try, just to completely block the uTorrent traffic and even though it shows blocked in the firewall and in the event log traffic is still moving from the uTorrent program.

Any ideas?

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Add your vpn in application rules as trusted application and see if that helps.

Valentin N

I guess i wasn’t clear about my issue.

The firewall was only allowing torrent to use VPN as I wanted, then suddenly the firewall was letting all torrent traffic through when vpn was down even. but none of the firewall settings changed. i even modified the settings in the firewall to block all traffic on the torrent application and restarted torrent to test and torrent still connected and transferred data .

The torrent program is somehow working its way around the firewall.

Would you mind posting some screen shots of the rules you’ve created for utorrent, as well as some log entries that show the connections being made/received.