worked fine, for a few days:(

Then i couldnt get Avant browser to connect. Well it wouldn do an initial connect with all the pages i have my browser set to open on but then i couldnt goto to any subsequent pages. No warnings came up and i had already ‘trained’ comodo to let everything i wanted through so I am not sure why it stopped allowing avant out.
I uninstalled cpf with no problems tho i had to shut off a few (unrelated imo) programs to get it to finish.
All in all it flew through grc.coms shields up test and i like the interface. I did not try any advanced rules. NP with my router and it lets My DCC ,IM and IRC client out just fine and Raiden ftp as well.
Im thinking i should see if there are any remnants of Sygate it is conflicting with tho i doubtl that too.
any ideas??
I hvae dld the new beta vs and will test that after i do a restore pnt :wink:

I am running NOD 32
F-Prot AV
Spysweeper 4.5.9
XP sp2