Workaround to make games with Gameguard work

They answered only one e-mail from me and, everything they told me was to turn off all my security apps to play the games… ¬¬’

Now the guard32.dll from the new version is crashing Luna Online…

Last thing I know about GameGuard, not a gamer here, is that is unhooks CIS’ kernel hooks. That is very aggressive and straight up malware like behaviour; it simply tries to kick CIS out of the kernel and therefor is trying to disable the protection by CIS.

The problem here is not CIS - it’s GameGuard and its unorthodox (read - non-standard) method of kernel latching.

Bad behaviour in one application does not mean there is a fault in another. :wink:

I tested 2 games, only Luna crashed but the launcher crashes. The client didn’t even have time to start, therefore Gameguard didn’t start. Archlord worked with no problems.

There are enough problems with CIS and games that do not use GameGuard to justify the statement that CIS has more than enough hindrances for gamers.

The guard32.dll problem is gone with the new version 5.0.159634.1091! That’s the way! I can’t wait for the final version to install on my main computer.
Online Armor makes my machine boot very slow…

You say that the problem were gone with the newest rc,but did u run the game with cis on with default settings or you got turn off some settings?

I did just what slobix said, I put the games’ clients under exception of Shell Code Injection Detection and firewall and D+ at learning mode the first time. As he said you can’t open anything else while playing but it worked.

Eric, Flyff has no issues with Comodo. Some games with Gameguard have no issues at all.
And multiboxing is illegal, his daughter should never open more than 1 window. I’m sure she’s bypassing Gameguard because it blocks multiboxing. I hope her accounts get banned for cheating.

The tips M0ng0d is giving trying to make it work with Comodo have nothing to do with a possible cracked version he may be running. These are general tips that can be used with any application.

To make it clear to all. M0ng0d’s tips are in no way or form a ■■■■■.

But maybe a way to use the bypass.
Flyff has no issues here and doesn’t need any configurations, just leave the learning mode on or gamemode on and you’re set. Only Archlord and Luna needed to put as exceptions. Yes, I tried all configurations you can think of and just the exception tip worked. I’m fighting Gameguard since 2005 and Gameguard’s issues started since Comodo version 3.

It crash my suddenattack and blackshot,i uninstall the RC2 and never think i wanna use comodo ever again,cause gameguard and comodo are never friends…

As stated in the above.

To but quote Panic and myself again

The ball is in GameGuard’s court.

@ sumana Try the shell code injection exception. I don’t have major crashes here since version 4.

@ Eric If the way to fix it is on Gameguard’s end we are doomed. INCA never gives a ■■■■ to consumers, when I sent an e-mail to them they just said to disable firewall and AV. Seriously, I don’t think it’s a way to solve any problem. Well, at least they answered me, in the past they just ignored all e-mails from gamers.
At least not all games with Gameguard are having issues, the funny thing, some of them use the same version, maybe there’s something about the way GG works with the clients, Flyff loads the client a few seconds before GG when Archlord and Luna load the client a few seconds after GG.

There are of course multiple versions of GameGuard and for some of them there are apparent workarounds.

For part of the GameGuard versions that cannot be worked around the users are doomed as you put it. GameGuard used to tell users to disable their firewall in order to let them play games. Here is head developers comment on that:

I really don’t know what game developers think. As I heard while playing games, cheating is a cultural Asian think and they do what they can to be the top… I think that’s why anti-hacks are that aggressive.

As far as I’m concerned, If you want to be a gamer, you have to forget about using sandboxing or any form of HIPS on your computer. You can do that and still maintain a very good level of security while having no trouble playing any game you want.

I doesn’t have problems with Sandbox either with any HIPS feature. Well, at least with my games. I don’t really use sandbox all the time, just when I need.