Words all jumbled up when trying to print from google maps

Hi I looked up a party venue this evening to get directions using Google maps. All the directions were legible /fine on screen but after I printed out the directions on paper all the words were jumbled up and not legible at all. I am sure this is a bug in Chrome because I tried printing out the same page in IE and all was fine. Is there a fix for this?

I changed your topic title from all caps to regular case. Eric

You are mentioning Chrome browser. Are you using Chrome when this happens or Dragon? Does the problem also show up when looking at Print Preview?

Hi EricJH, I just checked the print preview and that too is jumbled up. I am using latest CD. As i said if i print the same page using IE all is fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry I meant to say I am using the latest Comodo Chromium Secure browser. Also I just tried it with CD and it is the same using this.

Is there anybody using Chrome browser and is willing to see if the problem also happens in Chrome?

Hi nalacknick,
How are you getting print preview, are you using the workaround in the quote below or are you using an extension?

Note: I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue posted.