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Hey guys. :slight_smile: I want to get rid of MS Office 2007. It’s a portable version, but it still takes 519 MB of space and I only need Word ;D (And don’t blame me for piracy, I have a legal Office 2007, so I think I’m excused for getting the “not so legal” Office version). It’s all because of being a clean freak ;D Anyway - I still think that I don’t need that MS beast on my comp. I tried AbiWord, but it looks ugly :frowning: Are there any skins for it or additional toolbars to change the looks ? :slight_smile: If there are, could you tell me where to get them ? Or maybe you know some good and small word processing app ? I would be greateful for your info :slight_smile:

Thank you !

Either abiword or MS Creative Writer ;D

MS creative writer was the 1st MS ribbon application ever (BTW it was skinned in a sense :D)

Word Processor Review

Lotus Symphony (based on Openoffice codebase but with a totally redesigned interface)

MS Creative Writer looks ultra cool ;D

Lotus Symphony is bloatware. I need only Word, so AbiWord is the best choice :slight_smile: O.K. I’ll rephrase the question - can I make AbiWord look more pretty ? :slight_smile:

I guess it could be possible to have someone recompile it using a different icon-set.
Anyway it won’t hurt to post a suggestion on abisource

Thanks Gibran, you never mess around :slight_smile: Will do as suggested and wait for future versions.