Word and Network Drives

Hi all,

I cannot save Word files in .doc format to a network drive. This started happening once I installed CIS. To test, I uninstalled CIS again, and now saves work fine. Reinstalling CIS again introduced the problem.

I found this article (Microsoft Support) which exactly describes my issue - it places blame on 3rd party software.

After some fiddling, I found that disabling the realtime scanner would allow me to save my Word documents. Is this my only option? Should this be reported as a bug?


Did you define your local network as a safe network?

I am running Vista Ultimate. With Vista, I define my network as Private (not Public). Is there a setting in Comodo to define a network as “Safe”?


You can define a trusted network under My Network zone (Firewall → Common Tasks). There may already be a network zone for your local network; by default CIS is set to detect new networks.

When yo have a network defined in My Network Zone open the Stealth Ports Wizard. Choose “Define a trusted network and stealth my ports to EVERYONE else” → Next → choose “I would like to trust an existing My Network Zone” → now select your network in the drop down box → Finish.

Oops - I should have specified that I only installed AV, not the firewall.


Can anyone confirm that they can/can’t save changes to a Word document on a network drive while the AV realtime scanner is on?


:cry: Yes I have the same problem, can’t save any file to network drive if the AV realtime scanner is turned on. If it’s off there is no problem, also save local with turned on scanner works fine, just the network drive save sucks.
Any solution?

Bummer. This is a huge issue, especially as home servers and home NASs become more prevalent (disregarding a corporate environment where network drives are everywhere). Unfortunately, this is a deal breaker for me. Any word of a fix?


I tried really much things now, but nothing helps me out. Exclusions for the network drive or the .doc files doen’t help. The only thing that works is to stop the scanner before save the file to the network drive.
I hope there will be a solution in the near future.