Word and Network Drives...

Hi all,

I cannot save Word files in .doc format to a network drive. This started happening once I installed CIS. To test, I uninstalled CIS again, and now saves work fine. Reinstalling CIS again introduced the problem.

I found this article (Microsoft Support) which exactly describes my issue - it places blame on 3rd party software.

I also tried disabling D+ and adding the network drive paths (both by mapped drive letter, and by full UNC path) to D+'s exclusion lists, but the problem still persists.

Is this a known issue (I couldn’t find anything by searching)? Should it be logged as a bug? Is there a workaround?



Hi Peter, welcome to the forums.

It’s more likely to be CIS’s Firewall that is interfering with this rather than Defense+. As far as Networking is concerned, Defense+ is only interested in DNS requests. Check CIS’s Log for any clues as to what is being blocked. Is CIS configured to allow LAN (including the network drive’s host) access?

Thanks for the reply, however I did not install the Firewall - only Antivirus. Where are the logs kept so I can check them?


Ok, disabling the Realtime scanner fixed the problem. I am going to repost in the AV section. Thanks!