Word 2003 re-installs if run sandboxed limited virtualised [4.1.x.920 x32]

Problem: If you try to run Word 2003 sandboxed, limited virtualised you get a dialog boxes saying that a feature is not installed properly, needs to be re-installed, but installer cannot function

Steps to replicate: Log on to admin account. Run Word 2003 sandboxed (part of an Office 2003 Professional installation) by using ‘Add a program to the sandbox’ to add winword.exe, then re-starting word from the Start Menu. Word will load but show the Office installer dialogs (appended). It is not clear from these dialogs which feature is missing. The dialogs can apparently be ignored, but recur on each attempt to run the program.

Other information

  • Your Operating System (32 or 64 bit) and Service Pack revision: XP SP3 32 Bit (Pentium 4 CPU 3Ghz, 4Gb RAM) Admin account.
  • CIS version: Please see title
  • Other Security and Utility Software Installed: See appended config report for details. Usually: Comodo - CIS, CVE, CIV, CLP, CSE, CAS, IVault; Other- Filezilla, Wallwatcher, Sony Ericsson PC software, Actual Window Manager, Routerstats, Revo, Process Explorer, Google Desktop, Process Tamer, Process Explorer, Idrive, Clipmate, Stuffit
  • Step by step description to reproduce the issue: See above
  • How you tried to resolve the problem: N/A
  • Upload Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any: N/A
  • Attach screenshots to your posts to clarify the issue further: See appended
  • Virus database version: Please see config file
  • Any other information you think that might be useful. CIS settings:See appended config report for details.

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Hi Mouse1,

Where’s the report :wink:

Other question, did you test running Office 2003 as a “limited” user on the same system?
If so then the sandbox is more restrictive than “limited user” but it feels more like Office 2003 is not capable of being run restricted.


I always run under an admin a/c - is in bug report, but will mention in text



I was wondering how Office2003 would behave if your logged on as “limited user” does it also complain about missing parts?

Hmm not sure will give it a try later! Good thought

Best wishes