wont turn on

i turn off the firewall to do something. then when i click on it again it wont activate and i dont want to restart my computer for it to work again.

it opens the program but like its uselss and it wont do anything

Hi poison180 and welcome to the forums
Not much info here
You say you close comodo, right click the system tray and exit. Am I right so far?
When you restart comodo is it
Saying you have no protection, net mon-component mon and app mon all showing off
The sys tray icon saying “initialising” all the time.


it still at the custom protection level but the problem is the things like application monitor and componet monitor are all off and ic an turn them on. if i click on the security tab i can even add/ edit or remove and thing or turn on or off.

and it says protection strength bad.

then i turn it to blcok all. and it says protection stregnth good but its not actaully running becasue the interent is still working

Something looks corrupted.
Reboot and when loaded move the “security level” slider to the different settings (allow all is off). If this is all ok.
Then close cpf down from the system tray as you have been doing, restart cpf after 30 secs.
If the problem reoccurs then I would consider a fresh install of cpf.

See the FAQs for best install method
Backup current firewall settings

Before installation (disconnect from the net) I would make sure there are no bits of previous firewall anywhere
System is virus and malware free, defragment hdd.
Disable antivirus and other realtime scanning, hips software.

Is there a reason you exit instead of allow all?