Won't recognize DVD Drive

Just downloaded and installed latest verson of CB and it won’t recognize the DVD drive as a destination.
The version prior to this worked fine. I have tried setting E: drive as default but CB will not accept it.

Which version was that?
Please let us know the exact model and manufacturer of the burner you are using.


Thanks for reply Emanuel:
Dvd burner is: Sony DVD RW DRU-530A. System is Windows XP SP-3.
I have no problem burning with other software.
Hope this helps.


Did you use 1.0 version before this or what do you mean by “version prior to this”?
Our QA department is trying to reproduce the issue.


Hi Emanuel:
The Versions prior to the current one, were 3.3.127000.12 and 3.0.164972.96. Both recognized my DVD drive.

On the destination screen When I select CD/DVD program hangs and won’t permit any entries. If I click on Backup now or next, I get the message: No Recorder Available. The results are the same in simple or advanced mode.

I have attached images of the destination screen. Hope this helps.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have just installed version 3.0.171317.130 and I have exactly the same problem.
My DVD burner is MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-861H.
System is Windows XP SP2

Sorry, my DVD Recorder is “M A T S H I T A” DVD RAM UJ-861H

Same problem here with latest version. Running Windows XP Home edition with SP3. I have a Philips DVD ±Rw DVD 8801.

The following is my conversation with online tech… apparently it’s not supported.

you: Hi how are you doing

you: sorry didn’t think anyone was going to answer

you: I’m trying to run comodo backup on my machine but it’s not picking up the dvd drive to record to

you: all my other burning software picks it up, but comodo isn’t

you: I tried installing that geek thing but it’s not installing or running correctly on server 2003

you: nero infotool pics it up correctly and shows it as a dvdrw

you: and i’m able to run cdburnerxp pro as well

you: Hello? Anyone there?

Tom: Comodo Backup doesn’t have this feature yet. It will be implemented in further versions. But you could save the .cbu backup file on hard disk

Tom: and burn it on a DVD after

you: oh i htought it was an option under the application? and it’s in the instructions?

you: ■■■■ I just killed 4 hours trying to figure this out.

you: If it isn’t an option it should be made known as it was a total waste.