won't open...hangs on reboot

Windows xp pro spk3 all updates
avg anti virus 2011 version 10
comodo not sure can’t open to find out… think it’s 4…could be 3

won’t open in the start menu

won’t open in the system tray


Thanks Much,

Did you just install CIS? When did this start to happen? After you installed a new application?

Thanks for the response.

It’s been acting ‘squirrelly’ for a while…possibly since I updated to AVG 2011.
Anyway…as I read in another post about this issue. I tried un-installing AVG and that, so far, seems to have fixed it. Shame these things just won’t play well together. :slight_smile:

Again, Thanks,

There are several more reports that indicate compatibility issues between AVG 2011 and CIS.