Won't Install Version 4

I tried every way but 64 bit as I am on 32 bit and all I get is:

Comodo Installer

Cannot install COMODO Internet Security
Error: 13. The data is invalid.

Whats up?

If you are on a 32 bit OS machine install 32 bit OS installer. or use the universal installer. It will download and install the right version for you OS.

Did you have CIS installed previously to this?

Have you tried running a registry cleaner and then trying again?

I had version 3.x (latest build) but it went wonky on me and caused some minor irritations with games not being able to see the net etc…I tried everything but then like a dummy, I installed ZoneAlarm. It seemed fine for a day but the next day I clicked to open the Windows calculator and it locked up and crashed big time. I ended up not being able to reboot unless I went to safe mode and thats where I uninstalled ZA and got things working again and I re-installed Comodo 3.x. Then when I tried 4.x it wouldn’t install. So I uninstalled Comodo 3.x and reinstalled ZA and uninstalled ZA with Revo on advanced max power. Then I re-installed Comodo 3.x and I think I am afraid to try 4.x as I don’t have spare time if it doesn’t work. :-\ But just in case I do…should I uninstall 3.x with Revo on advanced max cleaning first?

Probably a good idea as I’ve read a of a few problems with installing the new version that required reinstalling again.

Just in case you may as well wait until you have spare time before you attempt to install V4 again.