Won't install, help?

When I try to install CFP3, it gets past the virus/malware check, then at the next screen, tells me it can’t remove the shortcuts, then that it’s completed the rollback, and asks me to click finish, which I do.

Nothing else happens after that. A startup entry is listed, but it’s not on the installed programs list, and the folder in Program Files is sparse.

Am I being thick, or is that not meant to happen?
I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, just following it’s install instructions.

Running Vista 32bit SP1, with W.Defender and W.Firewall disabled, and no other protection installed (So I would quite like to be able to use Comodo ASAP).

Did you ever have Comodo installed before? Are you sure you download the most recent version from this site? Try deleting your download and redownload Comodo and dont use a download manager.

Never installed it before.
Filename is CFP_Setup_3.0.21.329_XP_Vista_x32, downloaded from this site.
Tried downloading it 3 times, using default Firefox 3b5.
I also cleaned the registry just to be sure, but it made no difference.

Well if your system is clean and you know it is just skip the malware scanner part. I actually never use it.

Yeah I did after the first attempt, I’d been running without any a/v for about a day so I figured I’d check it.