won't come up!

I got windows 8. It was working for about a week, now it don’t load up. I got a b/u of my bookmarks . I uninstalled and also the profiles and reinstalled a just downloaded version of ice dragon and it still won’t load.
what is going on???

No one seems to have an answer and I sure don’t. I rebooted and ice dragon still won’t open. I was forced to remove icedragon and download and install firefox. Firefox is working at least right now it is… :frowning:


Please create a log using DebugView to help us identify the issue.
To create a log file you have to download DebugView from this location: DebugView - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn.
After launching DebugView go to the “Capture” menu and select this option: “Capture Global Win32”.
You have to run DebugView before launching IceDragon.

Thank you.

I reinstalled Ice dragon and now it miraculously works again. I don’t know why…
I attached the debug logfile as requested anyway. It is a text file
Maybe it will shed some light as to why I had the problem or may have it again in the future.

[attachment deleted by admin]