Won't allow bigfish games to play

I downloaded a bigfish game to my laptop but it won’t go initialize. It dowloaded but won’t get past the activate notice.

Are there any pop-ups from Comodo?

Does it get sandboxed? Look in View Active Processes List in the Defense + area.

When I run bigfishgames, it show a popup and I choose Treat this as Trusted Application. Then every time I start game, my Windows is extremely slow for about 5 mins then the game run.

Can you see what process is making Windows slow? Check with Task Manager and let is show processes of all users.

Hi EricJH,
Every process is normal because no process takes CPU more than 7%.

When your computer is so slow do you hear a lot of disk activity?

You can also check that with Task Manager. Add the following columns to check (View → Select columns): I/O Reads, I/O Writes, I/O Read Bytes, I/O Written bytes. When you start up let Task manager sort out these columns to see if there is a particular program making a lot of I/O activity.

After using TM to find out which process has high I/O read/write. That is my Norton Antivirus. I disable it and games load smoothly. Thank you very much for your help!!!