Won't Accept access

All of a sudden When i click on a program like CCleaner which already was installed before i installed Comodo firewall v3

No matter what i get a pop up asking if i want CCleaner to access the internet or whatever i click Accept and has a checkmark to remember selection and i press Ok… and it keeps popping up and up of the samething and couldn’t get CCleaner to work i had to close Comodo to get CCleaner to work, Samething when i was attempting to download the Google Updater and samething and would pop up and i click Accept with remember checkmark and keeps popping up with same information…

Firewall is on safe
Defense+ on safe

How do i all of sudden fix this problem.


Will might of posted too soon, Was getting worried that something was messed up maybe it was,

I got it working,

Had to change Firewall from safe mode to training mode and Defense+ from safe mode and then the programs that i was having problems with, then Change Firewall back to Safe Mode and put Defense+ on Clean Pc Mode.

So seems to be working again… Aren’t computers fun

Is there away that everytime i go to uninstall a program through the control panel Add/Remove that Comodo keeps popping up every single time when i am uninstalling something. i keep clicking accept every single time and still blocks me from uninstalling the software, and what does a firewall have to do with uninstall software,

I tried many firewall softwares and not one pops up when i am uninstalling a software…

I have to turn off Comodo just so i can uninstall software…


Hi eraserone,

Its not the firewall part of CPF thats giving you the pop ups,its the Defence+ part.When uninstalling something try switching to “Installation Mode”


Will i think thats kind of weird if you want to install a program or remove a program that you have to set it to installation mode, But will give it a try


Well this is because the firewall consists of tho important components: you have the firewall for inbound and outbound control and you have defense +, this is a host intrusion prevention component build in to the firewall. This defense + will monitor all systemprocesses, com interfaces, reg keys and what so ever on the pc so that no changes can be made without you being prompted. That is the essence of a host intrusion prevention system…

If the firewall knows or has learned a program, than you will not notice anything from the firewall, because it “knows” the action of the program.

When you install/uninstall a program and the firewall does not "know"it you will get pop-ups! so therefore you have the installation mode… this will reduce pop-ups to a minimum. You have to understand that a installation/uninstallation of a program involves a lot of changes on a pc in a particular area, that’s why you sometimes get a lot of pop-ups when not seting the firewall in installation mode…

I hope this clears out a lot for you…

Have a nice day!

Great explanation, Yes and totally clear about it now

And Thanks! :■■■■