Wondering why...!!?!!

Hello ,
Big problems here…

(:AGY)I did a clean install of the new firewall and first everything was going great, but when I check 'Supress the defense+ ",one day later, I had to reboot…
So then when the puter was back I only had my desktop wallpaper left, everything else was gone.
Could’nt reboot again or do anything except close the computer thru the button on the tower.
I did few times… nothing good happent, so I removed Comodo firewall on safe mode.

I did install it twice after but it was always the same , so I removed it again.
This time I found the previous one and install it.(Comodo Firewall Pro 3.013.268)
But I did not let him upgrade to the new one, and I won’t let him check for the program update.

I’m wondering what was wrong, between installations and disinstallations I’ve cleaned the mess with CCCleaner and there was nothing left from the previous programs .
Now I would like to use the defense but I’m kind of afraid… so much trouble …!

Did someone have the same troubles? :cry:
What to do?

Thanks for your help and advices!

SO ??? Nobody knows ? :frowning:
Thanks anyway…

Hmm, I say just wait a couple of days to get a good response, and plus I think most of the moderators are on vacation.

Can I expect a response once or not ? ???
I would like to install it again, now using for the moment !..

the best advice I can give you is, if you get any BSOD’s then they’ll be saved to a minidump file/s in C:\windows\minidumps folder, you should zip them and upload them to the bugs report forum on here and an admin could take a look at it, and tell you what program caused the crash and probs.

Thanks Ron_75, next time I’ll do what you say… in the mean time I’m keeping the 2.4 version , it work perfectly.

Happy New Year to you and everyone here :THNK

I suppose a system process (I not sure if it’s userinit.exe or winlogon.exe) for some reason didn’t have rules to launch explorer.exe, so when you told defense+ to block anything unknown without prompt, defense+ blocked that system process.
Was defense+ activated for a least 2 reboots before you selected the supress prompts option?

Yes it was (activated)for more than 2 reboots… because I kept the firewall running more than 24 hours before I’ve changed anything!
So… I really don’t know what happend then!
My machine never acted this way after or even before this event.
Thanks anyway,

(:AGY)I tried again january the 04 and 05… same thing happent!
I’m very disappointed and went back once again to 2.4 with a system restore.
No minidump files, nothing . . . same thanin the first message…

Nobody can tell me what to do… very sad!

THanks anyway.

OK, lets start again. Go to https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/please_download_the_new_3014276_and_ask_for_help_on_that_version-t17016.0.html and download the complete version of, not the patch. Use the removal and installation procedure in that reference for whatever you are running now and cfp Let us know what happens and we can take it from there. Update is broken in CFP, so do not try to use that capability to look for newer versions.

I did as you said but It’s always the same so … I’m back to and
will keep it as it is working good.

I never did updates on CFP update key, always did a fresh installation!

So I’ll wait for the last more stable version because I’d like to use the defense+
for a better protection!

Thanks, you could close this post .

Still (L)