Wondering if the firewall would work in Vista. [Resolved in V3]

I just heard about COMODO Firewall today, and I am very impressed with the capabilities of this program. However, I’m trying to find a good firewall for my operating system (Vista basic), and I cannot get this firewall to work for some reason.

After resetting my computer, I followed the directions on how to set up what programs are allowed to go online, and how to set up a network (I use a router to get internet access). However I keep getting three windows in the lower right corner of my screen, saying something that Comodo firewall’s monitor is not activated, and needs to be reinstalled.

For some reason, the firewall is not turning on. I tried using the turn on radio button in the activation section for the network and applications, but its not responding when I click on them. What is the worse problem is that nothing on my computer can get online once the firewall is installed. I had to uninstall the firewall to get back online.

Is Comodo Firewall compatible with windows Vista basic? I heard elsewhere that people said they couldn’t get online once they installed the firewall, but were able to get it working after a few tweaks. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!



Current version 2.4 doesn’t support Vista!!! V3 will support Vista. A beta version of version 3 is due to be released on the 16th of April, however this date could change.

You ll find more info here

Ah. That explains everything. Thanks for the help Damitha. Sorry if I didn’t dig around long to see that thread.


I modified Damitha’s post to correct some of the information in it.