Wolfenstein - Heuristic Analysis Failure

I am having a problem with Comodo (insert specific program name here). When I insert the dvd for a game called Wolfenstein, Comodo believes that it might contain a virus, and won’t let me run the game until I add the game launcher on the dvd to the exclusions list. The problem is, that exclusion doesn’t take effect at first, and I have to do it a number of times.

I have noticed that as well on both internal as external media with other programs.

When is the next upgrade of Comodo to correct is bug?

I don’t know. Comodo is currently working ■■■■■■■ v4 and the 3.1x branch will only get maintenance fixed and updates.

Version 4 will bring a new GUI and usability enhancements. So don’t hold your breath on it being fixed in a 3.1x release. There may be beta release of v4 late December.

I will move this topic to the false positive boards. Can you zip the executable that is giving the problem and attach it to a post in this topic? Then the false positive will be fixed.