WnetOpenEnum error 1222 and other messages

I have been playing around with CBU for about a month, getting good documentation and support from Comodo for their FREE products is next to impossible. Maybe one of them will read this and help me out here…

I am trying to understand the (error) messages in the CBU.exe.log that I found in
Any assistance would be appreciated.

_COS_CLIENT_OPERATION_CONTROLLER::__internStopRespNotificatorTH] Response notificator thread already stopped.

***********What does WnetOpenEnum error 1222 mean?
BrowseNetwork] WnetOpenEnum error 1222

*********** If this registry entry was needed, I am sure they would tell us, but what is it anyway?
CheckForNewLangFiles] Unable to open registry key in CheckForNewLangFiles.

*********** What does HandleShellExt error 5 mean???
CGUIApp::InitInstance] CGUIApp::InitInstance: HandleShellExt failed with error 5
PerformFileSystemBackup] #> Creating New Backup…
CreateNewBackup] #> Deduplication is disabled because compression level is not highest.
GetBackupByGUID] Backup not found!

*********** What does GetBackupByGUID error 5 mean???
ReadBackupHeaderAndFooterForSpecificSnapshot] GetBackupByGUID failed because 5

*********** These I understand - 67=Specified File was not found, and this is a new backup file name. We are good.
OpenExistingBackup] Opening backup [R:\My Backups\20150218 1342 Desktop_inc_files.cbu] failed because 67
DeleteIncrementalAndDifferentialTreeForBackup] Opening R:\My Backups\20150218 1342 Desktop_inc_files.cbu error 67
CreateNewBackup] #> Creating full backup “R:\My Backups\20150218 1342 Desktop_inc_files.cbu”

It would be nice if we had a more complete list of Error Codes
It would also be nice if we had a list of Registry Entries that CBU uses.