WMware NAT Service is trying to receive a connection

I’ve this popup each time i logon and the remember option isn’t available…
this is only with VMware Workstation 6.0 Beta (not with 5.x)

WMware NAT Service is trying to receive a connection.
Application vmnat.exe
Parent Services.exe

I do not use this program, but if it is a part of that software then I recommend you allow it.

well there is no way to remember this choice (allow) like for others apps : i have to do it each time i reboot so this is a bit annoying!

A possible workaround is to disable VMWare NAT service completely.

(my VMWare clients retrieve their IP from my router directly, so I don’t need the NAT service)

Assuming the default configuration:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmnetcfg.exe
→ Host Virtual Adapters (VMnet8) → Remove
→ DHCP → VMnet8 → Remove
→ DHCP → DHCP Service → STOP & Apply
→ NAT → VMnet host → Disable
→ NAT → NAT Service → STOP & Apply

Again, this doesn’t fix the misbehavior of Comodo Firewall, but at least stops the Popup if you don’t need NAT.