WMP11 forces changes in CFP

Im new to this place and wanted to say a couple of things before I get into an irritating issue I am having.

Wonderful software, thank you for making a very comprehensive firewall that lets us less savvy individuals stop worrying so much of security issues. Hate to admit that but c’est la vie. None the less COMODO has proven itself worth of my system resources. I look forward to any further products that might come to the surface. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Now the question:

I decided to install COMODO prior to updating my windows media player. I’m running XP, and have Windows Media Player 9.0. Factory disk yadda yadda…and wanted to upgrade to WMP 11. So I updated, went thru the motions of the upgraded and re-booted. Now the problem I had was when the system came back up my COMODO, which was running an excellent status to that point, showed that it was in a bad status. All of my protections had been turned off and I couldn’t make any changes to the settings.

I restored my system prior to the WMP 11 upgrade and of course everything was fine and dandy. I searched your knowledge base prior to writting this post and found nothing. Do I need to uninstall COMODO, do the upgrade and reinstall or is there some other solution you can give me. I would be very greatful for any product support you could issue me at this point.

Thank you.


hudson giant, you are not alone with this issue. More users are experiencing the same. Try this thread as a start.


My lack of understanding in Firewall matters may already be legendary, here, but…a subject has been put forward and I feel heartily driven to ask:

Does this mean that Microsoft know how to cripple our CFP? or that there is a serious software incompatibility problem between WMP11 and CFP?

I’m just finding it very difficult to ignore that word “Backdoors” and the word makes my heart sink and gives me the shivers, big-time!


It sounds like their is an incompatibility.

A backdoor is ALLOT more likely in the OS, not that there IS one just that this is where to put one. (Kernel rootkits can hide backdoors, this is similar to what Microsoft could do).

Microsoft could totally ban Comodo Products from functioning on the Microsoft OS (Windows Vista was going to block all third-party security suite vendors until Microsoft were “Encouraged” into providing an API Suite for the programmers), that is entirely possible whether they WOULD do that and what legal problems they would run into is another issue.

Microsoft would most likely not do that, there is a problem with annoying very highly skilled programmers as you could imagine it would be against Microsoft’s best interests ;D .

Listen up : Windows IS a back-door by design.

WMP 11 is loaded with DRM , “activation” schemes and
“WGA” checks that NEEDS to be able to phone home every time you run them.
That is maybe why the windows “firewall” can not block outgoing traffic .
You can’t use WinFW to block explorer.exe (that’s NOT the same as IEexplorer.exe)
from phoning home every time you search for a file on your HDD,
you can’t block Windows Update with it, you can’t… get the picture ?

As “Rotty” said : " Microsoft could totally ban Comodo Products from functioning on the Microsoft OS "
Certainly, in fact with the new Vista they can remotely ban ANY software from functioning, without ever asking you … if that is not a “back-door” I don’t know what is .

If you are the least concerned about " privacy " do not use any M$ application, period .
Only exception to that rule is their OS and that is only because there is no realistic alternative ATM .

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear :
Don’t install WMP11 , problem solved …

I already PM’d hudson giant on the first day of the post, so I know…we both agreed to stick with WMP 10.

FYI - I’m running WMP11 and don’t seem to have any problems with Comodo.

Me too.
No problems with WMP11 here

Everyone’s system is different. Just the other day I installed those 9 or 10 of those Windows Updates and my issue with monitor dll injections causing high cpu usage returned again 88), but leaving it off the whole day along with a reboot fixed it again. There was also one time that a Windows Update + reboot turned off all the monitor protection shields, but a CFP restart fixed it.

I installed CFP after I had upgraded to WMP11.

It is a lot better of a player, and fixes some exploits, so it’s not worth not upgrading. Just revert back to WMP9, COMPLETELY uninstall Comodo Firewall Pro (not just the normal uninstall, registry keys, everything), upgrade, reinstall CFP; see if it works now.