Wmiadap.exe \\?\C:\ Odd Path (V3.0.14 X32)

Defence+ Computer Security Policy
Svchost / Run an Executable
I keep getting this entry ( \?\C:\Windows\system32\wbem\WMIADAP.EXE )
I have tried entering the correct path but it made no difference.
I get this entry on every boot screenshot below.
The entry for Wmiadap.exe is the correct path this problem only occurs in Svchost / Run an Executable
This bug occured in previous beta’s posted in Beta Board before.

Acer Aspire E700
Vista Home P. Version 6 Build 6000
Intel Core Duo 6300 [ at ] 1.86ghz
1024 DDR 2 Ram
AVG 7.5 Anti Virus Professional

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Hi Dennis2

I have looked over your past posts on this and it looks like you have had this problem in every version of CFP. I also googled the file and found that CFP is not the only firewall that causes this strange looking path. I did not find a solution for you even though I looked for one. I also see you have tried various ways to get it fixed on your own without much success. Hopefully someone else on the forum will be able to figure it out for you.


Thanks for looking what I don’t understand why the main entry is correct and the entry in Svchost / Run an Executable is not.

Just checked my svchost / run an executable and I have 0 entries…Zip…none. I guess you don’t need any. What have you checked in order to get the long list you have in “run an executable”? You must have set something other than the default settings of CFP. I have kept my setup as close to default as possible to check things out. Later I will make adjustments as necessary.


I have Defence+ set at Paranoid
Firewall set at Custom Policy Mode
Microsoft is set as a Trusted Software Vendor so this usual stops most alerts all I get is a balloon message the first time.
This is similar settings to which I had Kerio Firewall set to, the reason I changed to CPF was Vista compatibility, and I think now I have been using CPF for some months that it is a very superior firewall in many ways with minor bugs like this one for most user’s.

I guess that is the difference. My settings are Firewall to Train with safe mode and D+ is Clean PC Mode.