WM Player dates, fights with, then has it's way with Comodo Firewall

I am starting to think that I hear a tune about ‘love and glory’ coming by this time.

I have a question regarding a sudden lack of response to a program by

Yesterday I was visiting a website in Argentina where I purchase and
download albums (by single) recorded by local artists coded in secure wma format.
I have Windows Media Player 10 installed on my XP Pro system and these
files are played and licensed through that unit. Since I am a bit of a
control freak in terms of my software and it’s connections with the
internet I have WM Player “ASK” permission to connect each time it has
to license a file, which it did repeatedly up to the 18th song. And
then Comodo Firewall suddenly began to pretend that WM Player didn’t
exist. It simply wouldn’t respond to WM Player no matter what I would
do. I attempted to shutdown WM Player and restart it, attempting to
load and license the new files again. I opened Comodo to watch how it was
responding to WM Player and attempted to manually add it and assigned
“ASK” parimeters to the software. I changed Comodo to the “block all”
mode… then changed it back to “CUSTOM”. I watched WM Player in vane
attempting to communicate through the interface of Comodo firewall and
you could see multiple instances starting to show up, dialing up and
down through different ports in an attempt to find an open and
available port. After a bit I attempted to click on one of these and
manually tried to open the port by switching it to “ON” and assigning it as
“ASK”. None of this was successful. Then after sometime, suddenly WM
Player was connecting… Darn it! Without my permission at all. It
now took longer, but it ceased to “ASK”, and suddenly appeared to be
able to use any port that it wanted to use. And although I had
manually assigned it to “ASK” permission to connect, Comodo firewall
never asked me anymore what I wanted to do with WM Player. It appears
that somehow Comodo had suddenly assigned WM Player the status of safe,
and that I would no longer have any control over it at all. Ironically
this was starting to be even a bit more infuriating… It left me
wondering that if Comodo firewall was going to do this with WM
Player… ? Need I say more?

Fortunately, although my suspiciousions that Microsoft would like to
take over the world seem to previously been proven to be unfounded (ho
ho ho ho ho) I am not exactly frigtened by the concept of WM Player
connecting to license my legally gained wma files. In fact this is
probably the only time that I will be using this software, no less to
play these files which will undoubtedly become MP3 files on my hard
drive in the future and subsequently disappear from their spawned
existance (sunrise, sunset, miracle of miracles, la quiem! (not to
forget “If I were a rich man”.) But from a point of view of curiosity,
does anyone have any theories as to what might have happened here?

Although it is rare that Comodo has ever misbehaved (to my knowledge…
!!!) I have had a few rare instances where for brief moments it has
failed to respond to an appliance. I am tempted to make a bizarre analogy
that perhaps somehow WM Player had somehow said something to offend my
Comodo firewall in jest. Strangely, I am thinking that perhaps this
joke could come close to the truth in some sense of the matter, but as
one can see, when these guys make up, they seem to really make up.

Or so it would seem since now Comodo has decided to allow WM Player to
now do whatever it wants to do.

H K Kitty