wlm.dat in portable Windows Live Messenger can't be trusted

I cannot get this to stay trusted. I’ve manually added it and turned off cloud lookup to no avail. Does anyone else use WLM portable with Comodo? It runs fine in Partially Limited mode but I like to run auto-sandboxed files as Limited.

Are you running WLM from an external HD or USB Flash drive? Then you are out of luck as files on external devices are not considered safe by design.

No, it’s running from my Program Files folder. It must have something to do with it running in a virtual machine (ThinApp). Task Manager shows wlm.dat as the image name but the command line is for wlidsvc.exe in common files.

Can you show the command line thingy? I am not sure what process is parent and which one is child. When the parent is being sandboxed then all children are also being run sandboxed.


wlm.dat is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live Messenger\WLM.dat

It’s listed in trusted files AND unrecognized files, simultaneously.

Try removing it from Unrecognised Files and see what happens.

It becomes sandboxed again (with a popup). I think there might be two wlm.dat files - one in the real file system that is trusted and one that gets created in the virtual file system. The one that’s running in Task manager, when I right-click on it and choose “Open File Location”, nothing happens.