WLAN Local Area Network problem - wrong IP Adress assigned

I installed CIS and my Local Area Network has been successfully regonized. But when I resume from hibernation or restart my computer then the dialog box for a new recogoized network zone appears (I even disabled the recognize button) and I’m assigned an IP-address from another WLAN and hence can’t connect to the internet because it’s not my LAN. When I open the windows network connection I can see that my network name is being displayed but the assigned IP address in not in the address range of my network.

I’m runnin a WLAN Router and it used work fine with windows firewall.

I’m not sure if this is CIS bug or if I missed some configuration settings.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The WLAN may be picking up another network in the area. I can’t tell from your post, but possibly the Microsoft Start>Connect To>Wireless Networks>View Wireless Networks is what you need to look at to choose your original IP address and eliminate the new network. I don’t use that route, so I don’t know if you can tell it to not detect new networks or not. If that does not work, you can try this: open the Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports Wizard. There, select “Define a new trusted network…” and click Next. On the next page, select “I would like to trust and define a new network zone” and then enter the IP address range of your LAN zone and click Finish. Then go to the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>Global Rules tab. Look for any rules that use the IP range of the previously detected network and delete them. Finally, it sounds like you have already unchecked the “Automatically detect new private networks” box on the Miscellaneous>Setting>General tab, but if not, you should do so.

I assigned a windows process (services or svchost) the predefined Browser rule when asking for port 80 permission.
This was in fact the problem because none of the icmp packets could pass. Removing the rule and assigning the appropriate rights all worked fine again.