WLAN disconnected with Comodo on

I am brand new to Comodo but downloaded version 3 0 1 4276. However when I installed it on my Vista laptop, the WLAN disconnected. When I uninstalled it, the WLAN worked.
Problem is, I havent got a clue how to configure comodo and would like to install it back.
any help would be appreciated.

Also, when I uninstalled it, all I did was uninstalled from Programmes. Is there anything else I have to do to remove all traces (easily!)

I chose the 32 bit comodo and use the basic programme (the one with fewer alerts)

Ive had the same problem when i installed the new version. A really short time after release date.

Thats why im already waiting a few weeks for a solution or a new release.

Would be happy using comodo, but at the moment it wont work on my notebook.

I am using Vista Ultimate with CFP3 and a WLAN with no problems (several different wireless adapters and routers and networks, actually), so it shouldn’t be anything generic. When you say your WLAN disconnects, what do you mean? Do you not get a connection at all? Do you not get an IP? Are you unable to surf the web or get mail? What are your wireless adapter and router? Are you using any other security software, especially proxies like Avast!? Uninstall seems to be working fine for most people on the latest versions, BTW. Have you checked your logs? CFP3 can log whatever blocking actions might be interfering with your WLAN-but we need to know a little more than “the WLAN disconnected” because most users don’t have that problem under either Vista or XP SP2. :wink:

Don’t know if this thread has been answered, but i have the same problem.
I have Vista business (but had the same problem with home basic)
I have a secure WLAN (WPA-enterprise), network does not display its name.
Avira antivir and comodo firewall 3 pro (only firewall).

While other networks work just fine, the WPA secure lan connects and in the same second disconnects “due to user action”. When checking the AP log, it shows no errors.

First hint i got when using the Commview application is the "COMODO miniport " added after the driver (which does not sshow in control pannel). Disabling comodo firewall or even shutting down the application does not work. uninstalling it (to remove the driver) solves the problem.
Hope these details help, cause i would like to reinstall COMODO again.