wjqs.exe,please help?

I have just had an alert,A red alert,And it just felt dodgy straight away,I quickly tried to read the alert and act on it but the alert disappeared before i could do anything and i think the setting on my alerts is set to allow and treat as installation or update.Now,As i have that setting and the alert disappeared before i could block it,What has happened to it?Has it been allowed to infect my system?Please help.the file involved is wjqs.exe.Thank you for your time.

Comodo should have stopped it, it may not be removed, however it shouldn’t be doing anything to your system. If you could find the file and send it to CIMA and post the report here that would be helpful as well. It seems others are having a few problems with this file as well, and this may help us get more information on it.

Just out of curiosity, was the alert from the actual firewall, defense+, or the antivirus?