Without user intervention what happens after a pop-up alert?

Hello, when I get a pop-up alert because some application wants to access the internet,
I am given the choice of either blocking or allowing.

But I can also do nothing (not click on any choice offered),
after which the pop-up alert disappears after a certain time-out period.

What does the firewall do by default in that case? Does it allow? Does it block?
Or may be, is the firewall rule behind the pop-up alert no longer considered a match, and
does the filter skip the rule and go for the next rule that is a match?

Also, where in the user interface can I see and set this default behavior?
And where in the help files is this mentionned? I didn’t find it.

Thank you for your help!

The default action for all CIS alerts is to BLOCK.

If the user fails to interact with an alert, CIS will err on the side of caution and BLOCK.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

That helped a lot, thanks.