Without attacks by more than 1 months?!

I installed the CFP 3.0 makes some time, was not suffered any attack …
Formerly in version 2.4 was normal to have some 10 per day …

“The firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempt (s) so far.”

So far no attack by more than 1 month of use …
This is normal?

Are you behind a router or a modem with a hardware firewall? If you want to see you intrusions go up simple download the GRC leak test and after running the test you will see your intrusions. I don’t any intrusions cause my modem blocks all my inbounds. I mainly use Comodo as a behavior blocker.

Vettetech Thanks!
The GRC leak test worked perfectly and Comodo accused of attempted invasion:
“The firewall has blocked 1 intrusion attempt (s) so far.”
:BNC (:CLP) :■■■■

where can i find attacks?

I do not know if I understand your question, but if the attacks suffered verify where you can see in “view firewall events”

Just open the main window of CPF, then click firewall, common tasks and “view firewall events”

I hope I have helped (:NRD)

yes i know but how can i distinguish attacks vs inbound connection

In this instance, an attack IS an inbound connection attempt.

i have milion about inbound connection attempts (:AGL) (:AGL)

Thats cause of your current set up and the fact that you don’t have a hardware firewall. Go out and get a good hardware firewall. Very cheap and effective.

well i had a usrobotic with hardware was a nightmare
i like more a software firewall , with Outpost have never had a problem

ps the only thing i miss about outpost is the log , that could be customizable with filters and rules

What …how can a hardware firewall be a nightmare. You don’t need to do anything. Its built right into your router or modem. No configuring needed.

so i guess i have but not sure

Vettetec tell me one thing , is there a possibility to see in comodo a log like outpost?

I have never used Outpost. Well I did for 5 minutes and dumped it. I actually never look at my logs so I am the wrong person to ask.

log? you mean like this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

i mean a log like this

[attachment deleted by admin]

how can i know if a program like emule can open every ports it needs
in the report , but does the report include the programs that can open every ports need?