with CIS ver 3.8.64263.468 we have widened the gap against our competitors.

With inclusion of Buffer Overflow protection (unmatched by our competitors big or small), with great usability improvements and community based Threatcast, we have extended our lead as the innovators who delivers Security and now Usability for average users!

All this is thanks to you guys for being there for us, helping us through thick and thin and sticking by us knowing that we are working for your security and helping millions of others through your actions. I must take my hat off to you all for supporting us and helping create security for the masses and including many who can’t afford to secure themselves!

Now the novices and experts alike will enjoy the new CIS with unmatched security and ease of use!

Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!


I agree. Watching the product grow over time has been fantastic. Listening to users is key. Not many company’s do that in these times. I want Comodo to continue and grow. I can easily see it in the future Comdo leading the way for internet security. Plus making it free and beating out the other paid guys is incredible. The community is absolutely fantastic in the forums. Always willing and ready to help. Very polite as well.


I think you guys should enable buffer overflow protection when installing the product by default. (:NRD)

Melih you’re teasing us. Is it out yet today?

Thank you for your hardwork COMODO. :comodomarryme:



I wonder why can’t I update from previous version. So reinstallation is a must then?


BO protection is enabled by default.

Just curious, if Defense+ is disabled, does that also disable shellcode injections (buffer overflow)? Some people might like to have the BO protection without using Defense+. Some of my friends don’t want to use Defense+ but they would like to have the BO feature. Please explain in terms of “Disabled” or “Disabled Permanently”.

I installed that new version today with all default settings. It was not enabled and I had to enable it manually. I asked about it in another thread and some one told how to enable it. Maybe it was some kind of glitch with my install or some thing.

hmm possible…
its enabled in mine…


Melih, have you tested this version in house with both the Comodo Testing Suite and the matousec testing suite? I think with BO protection, it will score even higher!!! That’s a good advertising point. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a big improvement indeed.
Congratulations Melih and to Comod team.

Good job!

and I’m sure it will get wider in the future! with you guys, that’s the only plausible future!
Great job!! :comodomarryme:

Are you sure you’re not confusing it with Image Execution control? BO protecion should be enabled by default.

And thank you! Like the others, I’ve been very happy to follow the development as you make CIS better in every sense. It’s a purely fantastic piece of software and I’m so happy that you’re keeping it truly non-bloated. :-TU


I love this program. I still think there are some areas to improve, but CIS is fantastic, especially considering how new it is. :-TU

Is this the same/similar as the memory firewall? If so, when I update to 3.8 (next week when it is available as a 3.5 update) should I remove CMF?

yes same memory firewall. you can remove the old CMF as its already built into CIS.


Melih answered above but for yours and everyone’s info: this is also in the FAQ.

What exactly is Buffer Overflow protection?

It’s protection against a common type of attack. Many vulnerabilities in software are due to BO exploting and now CIS protects you from this!

Sweet. That seems so essential I’m amazed that no other internet security has this!!! Kudos Comodo!!!