With CIS do you get less popups compared to previous CFP versions? [CLOSED]

We worked very hard to make CIS much more user friendly and would love to hear your views.



How about adding “No, no difference” to the poll?


I thought about that, then I thought we wanted to see the difference between from people who notice things, whether increased or decreased popup…


I voted “Yes, less”
But i have to admid that i compare CIS with an older version CPF that i used some time ago. Donno witch version that was though 88)

OK. :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t use CIS in such a way that I can make comparations. E.g. I use custom settings and disable D+ instead of using Installation Mode. So it’s very difficult for me to compare to the previous CFP. But of course, there’s a massive difference to the first CFP 3.0 from November last year. :-TU

I voted for no because the option identical is missing.

hmm… it had both options more popup or less popup…
if you think there was no difference, then pls do not vote.

thank you


I haven’t noticed much of a difference, but it does seem like it doesn’t pop up as much. I’m using the “Proactive Security” setting, not sure if it make a difference.

BTW, which is the most secure? Is it the “Proactive Security” setting, or another one (I want the one with the most pop-ups ;D).

I also don’t find much of a difference.
What is fine and increased “user experience” drastically is that it doesn’t take those 3 seconds it always took whenever the “Remember” checkbox was checked in D+ alerts.

I voted Yes, less pop-ups


Proactive has more popups then the other configs, e.g. because of the more secure settings in D+ (it’s in safe mode in stead of clean PC mode)

Proactive Security is like CFP 3.0…

I’ll be working on some FAQ’s.



I voted less popups.

The downside is that i have less wanted popups so now i’m manually tweaking to let the system function. With defense+ in Clean PC Mode and FW in Safe Mode CIS refuses a lot. Even after training (you can’t train all). So now i’m often wondering why my application doesn’t do it’s job. But beside of that everything works just fine. Thank you.


You can always switch to “Proactive Defense” Configuration to make it like CFP 3.0 and the full power of D+ enabled.


Definitely less pops. I use the Display Balloon Messages option to see how COMODO learns while I use the PC.
Great job guys!!!

Melih, once again, COMODO made it!!! (V) (V) (V) (V)

Best Regards,

Thank you :slight_smile:

But we only just started…

There is more… MUCH MUCH more… where that came from…


Do you think the possibly someone could make a list of big features (& what they do) that will come soon (i.e. Threatcast)?

You guys are full of ambition Nothing can’t seem yo stop y’all. Major mucho kudos. (R) (V) (J)

I definitely get less pop-ups. What I would like to see is better integration between D+ rules and the Firewall rules. If I declare a vendor in D+ a trusted vendor, why should I have to respond to firewall alerts for products like Word, Excel, etc (having Microsoft as a default trusted vendor)? That would be a time saver.

The other thing I consider a priority is the scanner speed (for me it twice as long to do a scan as avast!) and resource hogging. With avast! I was able to work in the background during a scan. With CIS if I am typing I get a nasty delay on my letters appearing on the screen. And I have a dual core Intel machine with 2GB RAM.

I have been using the CFP for years and swear by it. I also subscribe to the Comodo protection philosophy. That’s why after some soul searching, I removed avast! and decided to “go all the way” with CIS.

I think you have done a great job. Don’t stop now.


I’me getting less pop ups (Training Mode), but increased to Safe Mode :THNK, just to see differences but I don’t see a big difference (:KWL)

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)