Wishlist - setup commodo remotetly - from remote desktop

I have install the comodo firewall to a total remote windows 2003 server that I keep my web pages.

Now this is not so easy (:SAD) because if anything go wrong, the firewall can block my remote desktop and lock the computer for ever, and from distance I can not do nothing, and the people there also they can not do nothing because the computer is on a rack, with out any monitor, etc…

(V) Now I like to notice some futures that I like to see in comodo, I think that they very simple can is just a modification to the process of comodo firewall.

  1. To let me modify the settings, just after setup, and before restart the computer,
    at least the network control rules.
    At that moment all the buttons are dissable and must do that by hand on registry, right after install it and just before restart it.

  2. To have an option that always starts with “allow all”, I have done this also with automations and manual by change the registry.

Why that ?
In a remote computer, any simple error on firewall settings can be catastrofik !
So in any error like that, I can do remote reboot, then the firewall start with “allow all” and I can login again and refix firewall settings.

Now I have did this: I run a script file, on every system reboot, thats modify the registry of comodo, and of cource I have disable the comodo setting protection. (very anxius for me - all that)

  1. The “block all”, is very easy to press !, and in a remote enviroment this is dangerous. Must have at least a question, a timer to ask like norton, somthing to not block us totally out.

  2. Of cource the fantastic future to edit it, using remote web pages… ok maybe this is far way, but is a must cool option that can make comodo to be number one firewall in this area.

  3. The “allow all for the first time” future, when first time install it from remote, its cool to allow every aplication in the first hour, and learn it and keep it,
    This way, I can install it to the remote server and not block anything out (like the ports of web, name server, ssh and remote desktop) so is not block me out.

The most attacts that happend to server is not so critical for couple of hours on the first install of a server, and epsecial in new ips server that nowone know them.

Thank you in advanced.
Now the comodo run on my server 2003, and I have made automation for the above thinks, but is very anxious for me to keep working good and not block me out from an error of me.


I have found one more think that I need for remote install and use of comodo firewall on a windows server.

I need an automation way to block or allow, a request for program, if no one press the “Accept”/“Decline” button.

I see that if I am not loged in on windows server, and a new program/service for any reason make a connection to Internet, comodo firewall wait for input for ever.
The next time I login to windows, comodo is blocked on the previus request, so is also blocked the programs that try tro access the internet, and the only way is to reboot the server.

So, I think that a timer that automatically replay to most of windows dialogs after let say 40 seconds, is a must to a remote server system with comodo firewall.

Thank you in advanced.

One more think I found that I need from comodo firewall.

  1. To have the option to easy block some ips that attact me in order to find a password.
    For example, a dialog that I can easy copy paste a range of ips

and all that to keep them block out for some days for example.

  1. To have the option for automatic block any ip that open more than 100 connection at the same time, or to open 500 connection in the last 5 minute or so… because when some one attact on my sql server opens a lot connection for couple of hours.
    This is an easy to recognize and cut it out for 24 h for example !

I think this is very super options that can make comodo real the number one and only for dedicate web servers. !!!

Thank you in adv. (V)

I have one more idea.

Every hacker try to login to my sql server.

Lets say that comod have a rule that say, if anyone try to connect to the port X,
to cut it right way for 24 h.
In this rule can have ip exeptions, and port range etc, like you
have now on user interface

This way can place “hacker-trap” that no normal user try to open, only a bad hacker.
There is some ports that can be hacker trap very easy :■■■■ (CWY)

That’s sound interesting… Already have you put these wishes in the wishlists section? If no, please, do so, https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/comodo_firewall_wishlist_v5-t6883.0.html

Thanks! (S)