Wishlist << Password Protect Comodo!! >>

I just put together a new system, and installed Comodo firewall. I knew after reading reviews that I’d like it, but have found a problem, er, needed feature. It has to have password protection.

I came back to it after my son had been using it for homework, and found it set to ‘Allow All’. I also found several downloads and keygens in the recycle bin.

I’m running XP Home and Comodo Version

[b]Comodo Firewall settings can be changed in a Limited account as well as in the Guest account, and any changes made are global, affecting all users.

This has to be changed![/b]

The system this will eventually replace has ZA Pro in it, and with a password in place no settings can be changed.

I’ve read several places in these forums that this will be initiated in the next version. Can anyone confirm this? and when?

V3 is currently under testing and has achieved RC status. It has Password protection.
You can find V3 in the beta corner.