Wishlist items for install / setup / configuration

It would be great if there was a board under “Wishlist - CIS” for “Install / Setup / Configuration” (like there is under Help and FAQ boards). Since there isn’t I’m posting a wishlist item here (at the suggestion of .FaZio93.).

(:s*) I would like a way to download program updates (not av updates, and not the whole new program release) to one computer in a home network, and then apply it to all the others.

I’ve installed CIS on all the family’s computers, but the program updates are getting expensive - bandwidth in Africa is costly and limited! I don’t know how big the 3.8 update that’s just gone out was, but it hogged our 384Kb/s line for a long time just to update my installation.

If the only solution is to download the full 34MB installation package then I can’t afford to do it very often. I have turned off checking for program updates on the other PCs … but of course this could end up being a security risk.