[WISHLIST] Forced Uninstall Tool (CES)

Could you PLEASE PLEASE provide a Forced Uninstall Tool to run manually at the endpoint level, in order to manually uninstall CES? There are already this type of tools for CIS in the forum but it doesnt work for CES.

Because console says that CES is not installed in the endpoint (when it really is) and you are not able to uninstall CES remotely from that mis-reporting endpoint, or this would be great also since sometimes the remote installation of CES goes wrong and you are not able to uninstall remotely.


What OS is running on the mis-reporting EP?


XP (not sure about 7 though)

Please advise whether you are still seeing this after playing with the new toy :slight_smile:

What would be the status of this wish?

What would be the status of the problem after upgrading to http://downloads.comodo.com/cesm/download/setups/CESM_Setup_3.0.61010.14_Full.exe with CES 4? :slight_smile:

Ping me on Skype and let me know pleaseā€¦