Wishlist for forum

I think that when you write a post, and save, you should go back to that thread, so you can see that your post is submitted. I don’t know if it’s just me, but i ALWAYS forget to go to “additional options”, click in the “return to this topic”, before i save… (:AGY) It should be auto by default…

I’m also wondering about the “preview” button… what is it for??? I’m not english, but i thought that it was for previewing your post… ??? When i click it now, it still shows the post as i wrote it, with code and everything… :frowning: You should see bold letters and avatars and so on…
If you are putting an image IN your post, it should also be visible in the preview.

And… oh, i will save some wishes for someone else… :wink:

I’m just replying to test this…

Ok. let’s see if it goes back…

??? ???

I think Paul is just trying to rise his posts number :wink: ;D

Hmmm, it seems you are right. While I find nothing wrong with the forum, I do see your point at the same time. I always assumed to just go back and look for it as I rarely remember to go to advanced settings to return so I suppose it would be nice. Although this may help with the 90 second spam policy and give us something to look for in the 90 second wait time, perhaps those idiotic spammers get lost and can’t find their way back, lol. Being undecided about this, I will put it this way…
If you make the forum gods mad, I disagree with you, if they take your idea into consideration, I agree with you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



lolll, nope , I jumped out of the Mike and Justin race…they are too fast for me and can set my count to 0. Cheaters!! :wink: :wink: :smiley:



If you make the forum gods mad, I disagree with you, if they take your idea into consideration, I agree with you.

hmmm… just because you “jumps back” to the thread you posted in, when you save, doesn’t mean that you have to remove 90 sec delay…? or…?
As long as the preview-button doesn’t work (not for me anyway), it’s more important to jump back to the thread, so you can see that it looks ok…

Actually I think there is a setting in your profile that you change to do this. I will check and report back.


;D Would we do that? Never! We give this job to ScomodoTM, because he doesn’t like you anyway. ;D


Ok just checked. If you go to your profile>>look and layout preferences>>select the option 'return to topics after posting by default>.click ‘change profile’. Carry on posting ;D


P.S. I posted three time after each other to get further ahead of Justin. Don’t tell him ;D

I won’t tell him… :-X I think… ;D But i’m sure that Scomodo™ knows… :wink:

Thank’s for the profile-tip. I will go there and have a look…

Scomodo™ just told me that Mike was cheating, maybe he will delete some of your posts and make your counter go down ;D.

Me cheating? I posted three times as, erm, I wanted to say three different things.


Don’t worry, Scomodo™ won’t do anything to you, you are one of his supporters, so you have nothing to worry about ;).

Ok, thanks Scomodo. I will help you anyway I can to gain domination. :wink:

He thinks that you can start help him by making your signature red… ;D Look at mine and justins… mine is bold too… :wink:

Lol mine is bold to, well now it is…


One thing i would like to have, is more than 300 letters in the signature… it count’s the code too… >:(
I had to delete some of the text, to make room for the code… :cry:

Yes as did I if you noticed.