Wishlist For Comodo Valkyrie Uploader

Please post anything you’d like to see added, or improved, in the Valkyrie Uploader.

Please only put one wish per post. Thanks.

Check the SHA1 for the file before uploading. If it has already been analyzed then don’t upload the file again, just jump to the results.

Right now it uploads the file no matter what.

+100 iv suggested the same thing a while back

now Only can ‘file upload’, want support ‘folder upload’ :slight_smile:

now the result only can view IE browser → support Other Browser ‘Firefox , Chrome etc’

Add ‘Valkyrie Uploader’ Auto Version Update :slight_smile:

i hope improve Valkyrie Uploader GUI design. :slight_smile:

ex) refer desing - http://whitehat.dcmembers.com/pages/software/jottiq.php (jottiQ)


a. easy use

b. good desing ‘result view’


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Agree because it can save time and reduce load on the Valkyrie server.

Also need the option to re-analyze the file if desired (i.e. integrate with the “File already submitted” page that is displayed if using Valkyrie without the uploader).

I would like it to actually WORK !!

At present if I right-click a file and select Valkyrie it claims to upload it but then just displays the Comodo File Verdict Service web page with no results. I can then manually upload it by selecting Browse, then Upload.

This is already mentioned in the bug reports.