Wishlist for CIS Firewall

  • Ability to configure anything in CIS from the command line.
  • Ability to ‘Block all’ when screensaver activates
  • Ability to install CIS with minimalistic/tiny GUI, for faster response
  • Ability to set maximum upload speed limit when away from computer
  • Ability to shred files (True Delete) when cleaning up Virtual Kiosk
  • Ability to move rules up and down more efficiently instead of the menu
  • Rename “Allow Requests” to “Silently allow requests” in popup alerts settings, bad naming
  • Place an “Copy IP to Clipboard” in all firewall popup alerts, to prevent manual typing
  • If possible, ability to keep popup alerts on screen infinitely, or auto save them to disk
  • Ability to customize alert frequency with checkboxes instead of ‘Very high’ etc.
  • Ability to automatically switch configuration/rules based on time schedules
  • Customize what buttons and actions I want to appear on the GUI front page, I have to switch pages too often
  • The only time the help button is useful is when the OS is reinstalled, and that’s when I don’t want to connect to the internet to get help (Ability for offline help files for the basics)
  • Graphical drag-n-drop boxes to create rules (visual representation of rulesets with boxes and lines between those boxes), dragging boxes to create new rules automatically (For example: I could find and drag a TCP box to the white board, then quickly from a dropdown list select something for that box, connect it to other boxes)
  • Ability to set down/upload speed limits based on programs. Ability to give one program full speed limit, and the rest (*) = 1 kbits per second for example. Ability to use the asterisk for the rest
  • Ability to time schedule folder exclusions in CIS. When I execute a file in an excluded folder, a popup asks me "How many minutes do you want this folder to be excluded before it gets blocked again? Or maybe auto-lock the folder after 30 minutes of no activity by default

I realized too late that it was supposed to be one wish per topic.

As you noted, there can only be one wish per topic. Thus, pick some of them you believe are most important and create one topic for each Wish. Also, the required format can be found here:

If you have any questions, or how to use the format, please let me know.

Thank you.

Okay, I’ll now move this to Rejected. If you like you can create new Wish Requests for those of these you find most important.