Wishilist for Comodo v3 (and website)

Here are a couple of my personal wishlist items:

  1. Can you please add ability to open “network control rule” when showing a firewall Alert. This would provide a lot of power when creating new Firewall rules.
  2. It seems that firewall can’t be disabled (unless uninstalled) by either exiting it or setting it disabled since it still blocks things (esp the ones not setup in the firewall yet).
  3. Can you please list the version number(s) on the download page
  4. Can you provide a web link with the change log.

Thank you.

Very Important for COMODO V3: My blocked network zones : DESCRIPTION ability is urgently needed! For example: IP Range - Name/Description: OneTwoThreeNet! Separate import/export for network rules! Extremely important! Please take notice Comodo stuff.

Hi, your wishes 3 and 4 are already there.

It shows version number on the download page

What’s New in CFP

and underneath that it gives a link to the changelog
Release Date: December 11, 2007
Stability Update: For upgrade patch information, please see latest release notes.
CFP Benefits: For an overview, please see benefits