Wish to have USB autorun disable function

I wish CIS has a function that can disable USB autorun function.

You can do that in Windows already. Why do you want it added to CIS?


Thank you. EricCH.
But I don’t know how to do it.

The reason that I wish to add USB autorun disabler is because some malware affecting PC by USB autorun function that sometime PC user don’t know how to handle it.


You can disable the usb auto run function by following steps

Open Windows Explorer or press the Windows + “e” key.
Right-click the drive of the USB Drive. Then select Properties. Drive Properties will appear.
Select the AutoPlay tab.
Choose Select an Action to Perform
At the bottom of the selection, click Take no Action, then click Apply.
Click OK to exit Drive Properties.

after finished this one give u r comments


you could test “Panda USB and AutoRun Vaccine”

works well for me, and the USB pendrive autorun is disabled for all pcs where connects.


Or you can use this.
CPE17 AntiAutorun.

It’s was a Thai student project to protect Autorun virus.

No installation reqired just double click to run and it’s will be autostart with windows.
You can disable autostart anytime if you want.
If autorun.inf file and it’s target (such as .vbs, .com, .exe, or .cmd) was found.
It’s will be delete automatically and doesn’t confilct with AntiVirus Software.

But sometimes a very fast antivirus software will be detect malware before this program, that’s not a problem.

Autorun behaviour can in detail be changed by Microsoft’s own Powertoy named TweakUI. And that is quite old news :wink:

Thanks for murugankrishna24, Rolo, Petit, and weaker for teaching me how to disable USB autorun function.

Since Panda Security also provide USB autorun disabller, therefore, I wish CIS can have it, too.

But anyhow it is not a big deal.