Wish-(improvement of the interface forum)

I have a suggestion to improve the interface. Use a program Comodo TrustConnect (the free version). What was my surprise when I entered the forum and saw my real IP. But viewing the information was not a success. I was informed that can’t view someone else’s information. I sent the login and password to another person . It has a different city,ISP,the IP range. The entrance to the forum was carried out in 20 minutes . The result was the same!!!I Suggest to correct this misunderstanding,and display the real IP. In 20 minutes I could get in a totally different place with a different ISP and IP . Thank you.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what it is you’re trying to say. Could you perhaps rephrase your suggestion/issue?

I mean,when you walk through a proxy,IP appears real. But actually this is not so. I have already explained-enter from another machine ( with a different from my IP address )does not solve this “problem”.In theory, should be displayed the address used by Comodo TrustConnect
I hope, it is quite clear? You’ll must excuse me . My native language is Russian.

More exactly . When I enter with my IP,I can view information about it . But entering my login and password through a proxy,i can still to see my own “home” IP. But after making a click, i get the answer that I am a stranger.

Does cleaning your browser’s cache an restarting your browser fix this? We may be looking at the information in the browser cache.